Providing more than 70 years of community healthcare

OmniPoint Health’s name may be new, but its history in this region runs deep with one consistent thread – it is fueled by the community’s desire for healthcare and emergency services close to home. 

This desire started in the 1940s by a group of Chambers County citizens who recognized the need for a hospital. With the closest emergency services many miles away, they knew minutes count to treat critical patients and save the lives of its residents.  

Making this vision become a reality was truly a community effort — the county made plans to operate the facility after the hospital’s land was donated by several generous residents. The new publicly owned, 36-bed facility known then as Chambers Memorial Hospital opened on October 15, 1950, and delivered its first baby just four days later. The hospital was operated by the county for 25 years.

In the early 1980s, financial difficulties threatened to close the hospital. Chambers County citizens banned together again and formed a ‘Save Our Hospital’ committee to create Chambers County Public Hospital District No. 1, through the Texas State Legislature Bill 44940.   An election was held June 8, 1985, where 1,519 residents voted on Chambers County Public Hospital District No. 1 taking over the hospital’s operations.  Two days after the voter’s approved the measure, Chambers County Commissioner’s Court approved a motion to certify the election results. The Hospital District became effective on October 1, 1985. 

A year later, Chambers Memorial Hospital was renamed to Bayside Community Hospital.

Embracing the expanding health needs of the community

The hospital district has since grown its services and expanded to new areas to service the needs of the community. In 1996, a primary care facility was opened in Anahuac to give residents non-emergency medical services, it then expanded to offering dental in 2013.

In 2005, the system expanded to Mont Belvieu on the heels of Hurricane Rita and opened the West Chambers Medical Center as a primary care facility; the system’s busiest location and is a major contributor to the financial viability of the overall system.

In 2021, the health system entered an agreement with Barbers Hill ISD to provide its employees direct access, quality primary healthcare. This innovative agreement helped the district’s employees have overall increased wellness with the ability to receive patient centered services weeknight and weekends in a quick, convenient, and affordable. For the health system, it generated an additional revenue.  

In 2010, a wellness center was built to serve as a community center for mid-county residents and is home to a theater, fitness center, physical therapy, heated therapy pool and meeting space. 

After witnessing the success of the healthcare system, the City of Dayton approached Chambers Health to open a clinic in their city and offered assistance through a community grant to bring primary care to its residents. The clinic opened on September 1, 2021

The system believes in growing to provide for the health care needs of the communities it serves and those in its surroundings.

As more residents use the OmniPoint Health services, the health system can offer more specialties. The higher utilization combined with key partnerships and generating additional revenue in areas outside mid-Chambers County, helps the health system continue to lower the tax rate in mid-Chambers County.

In January 2022, the healthcare system officially transformed its identity from Chambers Health to OmniPoint Health to better reflect the growth, vision and mission of the company.  

A new identity: OmniPoint Health

Omni” means “every” or “all” which is core to the health system’s inclusiveness to provide healthcare for everyone in the community, regardless of insurance, location or background.  The word “Point” not only designates the focus the company has for its patients and in its pursuit of excellent service, but it is also a historical nod to its origins in Anahuac, which was originally called Perry’s Point. The word “Health” is indicative of the services the company provides as they offer complete care – physical, dental, emotional & overall wellness.   

The new name came with a new logo which is full of symbolism for the company. It incorporates the shades of blue from its previous brand and introduced red accent colors, often associated with passion, love, and the medical field. The red flame shape is purposefully in the middle – it represents patients being the center of all the company does and the flame is the symbol of eternal life. The outer blue shape creates a rotation, spiral feel which is the symbol of transformation and it rotates around the red center “patients.”   

Facilities also transitioned to the new name. West Chambers Medical Center and Bayside Clinic changed names to OmniPoint Health Primary Care and the Wellness Center is now OmniPoint Health Community Center to better reflect the types of activities it hosts.  Bayside Community Hospital is now known as OmniPoint Health Hospital.